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We Sale the Global IVR Designer Desktop Application and Hosting


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IVR interactive voice response twilio voice SMS call handling call flow telephony hosting

Global IVR Designer is Call Handling and Call Flow Code Generator, based on Mind Map Technology, supporting the Twilio Voice and SMS Cloud Communications Platform and Other platforms.

Click for definitions.

The desktop application has 3 editions for the Enterprise, the SOHO, and a personal edition that provides operator console functionality. 

The call flow code is generated in PHP for the SOHO edition and is published to our servers.  The Enterprise edition generates PHP and ASP code and is published to your servers. The call flow code is executed by the Cloud Communications Platform routing incoming calls to the VOIP, PTSN, Cellular, and desktop phone apps.

Outgoing calls can be initiated for mass announcements using voice or SMS and to setup voice conferences.

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  • Auto-Attendant


    The Auto-Attendant is the root of the IVR Mind Map. The auto attendant is neither a verb or noun.

    The auto attendant node is where you can set the schedule. identify list of rejected numbers, whitelist those IP's that can access your IVR code (is set to you providers IP and to another IP for test purposes). Also, you can select the default language to be used throughout your IVR system. Here you can change the voice provider and the programming language.

  • Dial Plan

    Dial Plan

    This custom action maps dial pad key presses to specific phone anywhere in the world. The table supports password authentication and Dial in Direct features.

    Dial In Direct (DID) maps incoming number(s) to specific phones anywhere in the world.

    rejectednumbers is list of telephone numbers that you wish to be rejected. Typically used to ban nuisance calls.

    whitelistis normally the Twilio interpreter IP. Selecting this action your IVR can be only accessed by Twilio all others return 404 not found HTTP header.

    The Alternate Contacts feature is used by the integrated Find Me and Integrated Simulring to call a user on their various phone devices.

  • Verb Editors

    Verb Editors

    Every feature of every Twilio Verb, Action, Callback, and API has an attribute editor. All aspects of the Twilio cloud communications platform are supported.

    The Say verb records the caller's voice and returns to you the URL of a file containing the audio recording. You can optionally generate text transcriptions of recorded calls by setting the 'transcribe' attribute of the record verb to 'true'.

  • Schedule


    The closed action is taken in accordance with the schedule. Click the the wizard to Insert or Append a Verb. The verb you select will be the first verb that will be processed after the call is answered. You define the periods that your office is closed using the calendar.

    The open action is taken in accordance with the schedule. Click the the wizard to Insert or Append a Verb. The verb you select will be the first verb that will be processed after the call is answered. If you do not define periods when your office is closed this open action will be taken.

PBX and Full Featured Phone

We Take Care of All the Technical Stuff

Great for the Enterprise and Client Agency

personnel48.pngPersonal Edition

The Personal Edition provides a means to supply calling features of traditional PBX's to your staff. 

The provided application running on your PC and controlling your desk phone your staff can:

  • Place calls (Speed Dial)
  • Transfer calls
  • Place calls on hold
  • Set Do-Not-Distrub
  • Forward calls
  • Access their Vice Mail

This is not a soft phone! This is essentially an operator console where the the calls are via you desk phone (Hard-line or VOIP or Cell).

Feature List

Screen Shots



smallbusiness.pngSOHO Edition

The SOHO Edition is the basic Global IVR code generator where we provide the server to host the Twilio voice commands.

You can implement your IVR project and Mind Map without any other setup required.

It comes with 1 Personal Edition licenses.

The edition is limited to one project and one mind map.  International calling is not supported.

The Twilio call charges are passed through to you with a small markup.

Feature List

Screen Shots

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enterprise48.pngEnterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is ideal for the IVR reseller where you control the the server(s) to host the Twilio voice commands. and you control the Twilio account(s).

The Enterprise Edition will generate either PHP code or ASP code so you can select the server you prefer (linux shared hosting or Windows shared hosting.

It comes with one Personal Edition licenses.

The edition supports unlimited projects and mind maps ideal to manage IVR for multiple departments and locating the server in regions where the IVR operates.

You will pay the Twilio usage/phone number charges directly to Twilio.

Feature List

Screen Shots


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Global - Accepts calls and can place calls locally and internationally

IVR - Interactive Voice Response You knew how that worked but maybe did not know what it was called.

Designer - A tool to specify the structural properties and in this case a phone system which handles calls and controls the flow of calls to their destination.

Mind Map - The technology used to display the telephone system to the user. (Refer to the screen shots below and here)

Cloud Communications platform (Telephony) - Twilio, Plivo*, Nexmo*, - Feature Comparison

The platforms support both voice communication as well as text messing SMS and multimedia messaging MMS

Code - The software programming language running on the server

NOTE: The links refer to an API. The Global IVR Designer generates all the software code to interface to the API required by the platform.

Global IVR Designer is a designer for a virtual phone system. It supports most of twilio services and has a plethora of additional features.

*Plivo and Nexmo platform support coming soon.


What does all that really mean to you, the small business owner and in the enterprise operation?

  • sign and publish Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flows in 5 minutes.
  • No software programming for the most complex call flows. No IT staff required.
  • Utilizes one or all of the Virtual Telephony providers. We’ve taken care of the infrastructure so you don’t have to.
  • Use your hard line POTS, internet based VOIP, Cell phone and PC phone Client. No other equipment to buy. Pay-as-you-go.
  •  With the Virtual Telephony providers, you get global reach, delivery intelligence and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks.


The Small business

So you small business owner have a hard line POTS in your office and a cell phone and maybe a home phone and you are faced with a quandary? You're a bit small, you take all your business calls yourself directly to makes it hard to look professional sometimes or get anything done doesn't it?  You and your employees are often on the road and you want to field calls from anywhere. 

 You can create a local or national presence for your business. Toll-Free 800 phone numbers give the impression that you are a large, established company. You can route calls to your home, office and mobile. You can also set up a menu with extensions and departments for customers to choose from.


The Enterprise

Building blocks to add messaging, voice, and video in your web and mobile applications.

With twenty-three offices in thirteen countries and counting, Twilio has the infrastructure to support communications worldwide.




Twilio, Plivo*, Nexmo*  are all pay-as-go per minute pricing except for ~$1  ($2 toll free number) per month for the incoming phone number.

There is no hardware to buy and install and manage nor are there new devices to manage nor long-term contracts.


Don't forget your Due Diligence.